Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne
— Saint-Étienne, France

21 March - 22 April 2019

Every two years in the spring since 1998, the city of Saint-Étienne has hosted the International Design Biennial, organised by the Saint-Étienne Regional School of Fine Arts and produced and managed by the Cité du Design centre. The aim of this event is to promote contemporary design and make it accessible to a wide audience.
With each new edition, a theme related to the concerns of our society is chosen: changes in employment, the sense of beauty, empathy or the experience of the other or even teleportation. Each theme provides an opportunity to paint a picture of our world and bring a unique perspective on the changes that accompany it.
For one month there are numerous exhibitions at the city's venues, conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings with design professionals in a festive atmosphere suitable for a wide variety of audiences. 

Site Manufacture - Cité du design
3, rue Javelin Pagnon 
42000 Saint-Étienne 
T.  04 77 33 33 32


Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2019 — 21 March - 22 April 2019

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