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Debass, research and surfaces, is located in Milan, in one of the most dynamic areas of the city, hidden inside a railing houses fascinating courtyard is intended as an alternative space, with a young and creative soul.

The space that hosts Debass is an open space of about 100 sqm, bright and essential, born with the desire to connect professionals in the design, architecture and interior world with industry companies, giving technical support and facilitating the product’s choice combining functionality and emotion.

Its aesthetic reflects the context’s identity by incorporating the authenticity of “tradizione Meneghina” on one side and contemporary industrial charm on the other.

It is designed as an adaptable, versatile and constantly evolving space; an open space for events, workshops, meetings, experimentation, exchange and dialogue.

Debass’ other soul is its material library. Here the single product is presented in a broader context and paired with chromatic and material combinations that refer to sensation’s dialogues, mix of shapes, textures, finishings. Materials of different nature, sometimes contrasting, mixed and combined to create suggestions and sensorial references.

Colourful palettes, aesthetic solutions that please the eyes and inspire emotions.

Practical and intuitive compositions, through which the material expresses itself and contaminates with the other surfaces in an endless emotional dialogue.

The tile, one of the most iconic and traditional materials in the world of coverings, presented in its classic sizes, acquires a new meaning and a new stylistic and conceptual interpretation, expressing all its beauty through the power of colour and decoration.

The protagonists are above all the ceramic coverings that in recent years have completely changed the common perception of this category, opening new scenarios to interesting experimentation. Among innovative textures, tactile finishings and original decorations, the world of stoneware, ceramics and tiles, has become a vehicle to express contemporary trends, making its way into the wall coverings broad scenario. Thanks to the possibility of adapting to infinite contexts and with a new expressive power, ceramic claddings encroach on private, public and residential environments.


DEBASS Ricerca e Superfici

Via Vigevano, 43 - 20144 Milan - Italy

P +39 338 8287531


+39 338 8287531
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