Brands Dieffebi S.p.A.

Dieffebi is an Italian company which, for over 40 years now, has interpreted the transformation of the office environment and collective spaces as a sign of modularity, personalization and ergonomics.
Its products not only create a versatile system for keeping things in order and storage, yet also for organizing and dividing space, making it more comfortable and liveable, while enabling its evolution and rearrangement over time.
The integration between furniture and technology is added to flexibility, a fundamental element of work and everyday life, so as to produce greater efficiency and a high level of psychophysical well-being. All this is carried out with the utmost quality, along every stage of the design and produc tion process which combines the best Made in Italy knowhow with the most advanced levels of environmental sustainability.

Via Palù 36, 31020 San Vendemiano (TV)

0438 4715
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