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One refill bottle saves the day, a thousand saves the planet

A project between design and nature, dedicated to the conscious management of a precious resource: water.

The refill bottle today is the symbol of those who want to protect the environment and not plunder it, it is a different way of living and a gesture of attention, care and awareness. It is a tangible and concrete sign that you pass from hand to hand, that you always carry it with you, that you do not throw it away and do not abandon it, to say out loud that resources are not unlimited, that I care about the place where I live and that I want a better world, for me and for the generations to come.

This is how the #lamiaborraccia project and the BWT Bottle Award were born: not just an award, but an online contest, an exhibition and an awareness campaign. 

The refill bottle is an object that has always accompanied our lives. Invented in 1860, then made of wood, it has changed over time, but not in its purpose: to conserve water and protect our planet.

BWT - Best Water Technology - leading water treatment group - has always been committed to sustainability and the responsible use of resources. Its contribution consists in the development of sustainable products and services in respect of resources, in order to treat the water available on site and supply it in the best possible quality. 

A contribution that passes through the creation of Bottle Free Zones: whether at home, in the office, at the restaurant, it is possible to drink water in a sustainable way. At 0 km, without the use of disposable plastic bottles, drastically reducing transport and CO2 emissions.

The #lamiaborraccia project aims to tell the story of a symbolic object and its link with such a precious resource as water. From the war relics of the Winter Line Museum, to the sporting feats of cyclists and climbers, to GioStyle's vintage line, to the design object created by Palomar, to the Pope's refill bottle.  

An object with a thousand possibilities, colours and materials, but which inside has always contained our elixir of life: water.


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Elena Valli

"What is essential is invisible to the eye"


Stylla Glass


The MAcA refill bottle. A practical and environmentally friendly object to make your own personal contribution to the fight against plastic waste and to adopt a plastic-free lifestyle.


"We want to take care of our planet, we belong to this planet, this planet is our root."

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20122 Milano

+39 022046343

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