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As a Group, we do not have the power to ensure that everyone has access to a sufficient supply of water. However, with the use of our innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies, we do our best to improve the quality of water in a wide range of applications - for private households, industry and construction, hospitality and catering, through to the public sector.
The highest levels of hygiene and safety are the basis of BWT's daily commitment to achieving the best quality water, the elixir of life for our planet.


Bottle Free Zone means enjoying water in a sustainable way. 
Every day we produce tons of plastic waste, which pollutes our Blue Planet and our waters. We read everywhere about the impact of transporting plastic products and the still uncertain consequences of microplastics in the environment. 
Isn't this reason enough to shake us all up and make us think? Why not do something concrete ourselves? One step in the right direction is simply to give up plastic bottled water and create a Bottle Free Zone - at home, at work or at the restaurant.


b.local: Good things are often only a stone's throw away
Conventional bottled water is often transported very long distances before it reaches its destination. There is a better alternative: local tap water. 
BWT refines the water locally, thus reducing unnecessary transport and the resulting CO2 emissions. An indirect help in the fight against climate change and the protection of our planet.

b.vital: Water is an underestimated energy reserve
Magnesium-mineralised water provides everything you need for mental and physical well-being. It is refreshing and helps in everyday life, whether at work or during sport. Valuable magnesium is contained in every sip.

b.responsible: Changing the world sip by sip
Creating a Bottle Free Zone means treating water directly from the water supply on site. In other words: it is no longer necessary to transport bottled water, generating less waste and contributing significantly to the reduction of the CO2 footprint.

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