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One refill bottle saves the day, a thousand saves the planet

A project between design and nature, dedicated to the conscious management of a precious resource: water.

The refill bottle today is the symbol of those who want to protect the environment and not plunder it, it is a different way of living and a gesture of attention, care and awareness. It is a tangible and concrete sign that you pass from hand to hand, that you always carry it with you, that you do not throw it away and do not abandon it, to say out loud that resources are not unlimited, that I care about the place where I live and that I want a better world, for me and for the generations to come.

This is how the #lamiaborraccia project and the BWT Bottle Award were born: not just an award, but an online contest, an exhibition and an awareness campaign. 

The refill bottle is an object that has always accompanied our lives. Invented in 1860, then made of wood, it has changed over time, but not in its purpose: to conserve water and protect our planet.

BWT - Best Water Technology - leading water treatment group - has always been committed to sustainability and the responsible use of resources. Its contribution consists in the development of sustainable products and services in respect of resources, in order to treat the water available on site and supply it in the best possible quality. 

A contribution that passes through the creation of Bottle Free Zones: whether at home, in the office, at the restaurant, it is possible to drink water in a sustainable way. At 0 km, without the use of disposable plastic bottles, drastically reducing transport and CO2 emissions.

The #lamiaborraccia project aims to tell the story of a symbolic object and its link with such a precious resource as water. From the war relics of the Winter Line Museum, to the sporting feats of cyclists and climbers, to GioStyle's vintage line, to the design object created by Palomar, to the Pope's refill bottle.  

An object with a thousand possibilities, colours and materials, but which inside has always contained our elixir of life: water.


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Phil the bottle – The analog (drinking water) App

On the back of each bottle there is a list of the city’s drinking fountain locations, where it can be filled; these available sources of drinking water, which is safe because it is highly monitored, are listed one by one with easy to find addresses. No more bottles, just Phil!



Winter Line Museum

Located in the heart of Livergnano, on the hills of Bologna, this small museum boasts a large collection of objects from the Second World War. 
Director and curator Umberto Magnani knows the stories of the objects and their owners one by one.


Gio' Style

Our company was founded back in 1949. The economic boom of the 60s brought about extraordinary transformations in the lifestyle of Italians, cars were beginning to spread and allowed greater freedom. Gio'Style understood and anticipated the change. It became the forerunner of the outdoor industry by developing wonderful products, from portable refrigerators to thermal flasks, with unparalleled design and quality. More than 70 years after its birth, Gio'Style is still a reference brand in the outdoor and household products sector.
Gio'Style is a dynamic and unrivalled brand with a long tradition.



Holy See - A world created as a gift

One of the themes dearest to Pope Francis is that of integral ecology. Already in the Encyclical "Laudato si", on the care of the common home, he reiterates the "tremendous responsibility" of human beings towards Creation and recalls that "the environment is a collective gift, the heritage of all humanity". The Pope does not tire of pointing out that our earth, mistreated and plundered, requires an "ecological conversion" by adopting different production models, based on reuse, recycling and limited use of non-renewable resources. 

An environmental conversion is needed and is possible through the promotion of a true ecological education that creates, especially in young people, an awareness and therefore a renewed consciousness (Pope Francis, Our Mother Earth, LEV 2019): We live in "a world created as a gift" and we must care for it, protect it. 

Hence, on the occasion of the Synod on Amazonia, the idea of the water bottle created by the Holy See's Dicastery for Communication was born in October 2019 - a small gesture to counter that "culture of discarding" that risks transforming the earth, "our home, into an immense deposit of rubbish".



Hydria for the Planet

The project was born in Rome in 2020 by Diego Cosmo, a young entrepreneur, and Manuela Staffieri, a biologist specialising in nutrition.
The idea was born in 2018 in response to one of the main problems affecting the whole Planet: pollution, caused by natural phenomena but, above all, by man's activity through the inconsiderate use of plastic.  
"Our aim is to spread a message of positive change for people, encouraging them to live a more sustainable life".

Hence the need to offer and produce eco-friendly products for everyday use, replacing disposable ones once and for all.



100,000 water bottles for Milan students

With the start of the school year, students in primary schools (60,000) and secondary schools (40,000) received a gift of an aluminium water bottle to replace disposable plastic bottles.

From the very first years of school, the aim is to involve children and young people in a #plasticfree future and to show how they too can make a concrete and immediate contribution to protecting the environment.

This initiative is an opportunity to promote the use of water from our aqueduct, which is among the best and most economical in the country.

A2A, MM and Milano Ristorazione have collaborated in the realisation of this initiative.



Messner Mountain Museum

"The secret in the mountains, as in life, is to go slowly.

Reinhold Messner's water bottle used on one of his climbs.


F.I.V. Bianchi

Water bottle used by the Bianchi-Campagnolo team in 1973-74.
The team included the late Felice Gimondi, who won the world championship title in Barcelona in '73.


Closca Design

The Closca Bottle Wave was born out of the need to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that is used every day and shift the focus to reusable material.
The situation is dramatic: 1 million plastic bottles are consumed every minute, of which only 9% are recycled. 
We at Closca believe that our actions, however small, have a bigger impact on the planet than we think.
impact on the planet than we think. Our idea is to change the way we consume and drink water. Because to change the world, we need to change our habits first. 
The Closca Bottle Wave - Places to Be collection is an ode to the planet. The colours of the bottles are inspired by the main climate problems our planet is facing: global warming, deforestation, melting glaciers and desertification of the planet. 


Refill Now

Refill Now is a revolution in water distribution and consumption!
It only takes 3 simple steps!
Scan: Scan the QR code on the water bottle.
Refill: Find the water point near you using the Refill Now Map.
Go: Fill your water bottle!



b-evo is the evolution of the bottle that will change your lifestyle with every sip.
Our experience in the market gives life to a product with features that turn a simple object into a must-have with a patented and unique design.
Thanks to its two caps, both made of stainless steel with triple vacuum chamber and copper metallization, cleaning the bottle will be easy and accurate without any difficulty.



BBOOM is a lifestyle landmark. 
BBOOM wants to become the particular within the steel bottle market, in the sign of freedom of interpretation but also of awareness, especially towards the topic of sustainability and the environment. 


IZMEE - Drink à Porter 

Drink à Porter 
Crystal and Gold are IZMEE's signature steel bottles, reinterpreted in the light of a unique, sartorial haute couture style that makes them a unique and precious experience. Produced in limited numbers, they are the result of an in-depth design study that has inspired a 100% Italian design and has been transformed into a precious accessory that can be used indefinitely because, by its very nature, it is sustainable. The secret lies in the brand's DNA, the expression of a contemporary, sustainable and absolutely personal lifestyle.



The lifestyle that HUB wants to convey is not just for the conscientious, but for everyone, even the less conscientious.
HUB's mission is to offer everyone a truly better alternative to bottles, so that everyone can make their lifestyle more sustainable, without giving up anything, but only gaining advantages.


Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Hello, I am the water bottle of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. 
My university was founded exactly one hundred years ago, on the initiative of a group of extraordinary people, including Father Agostino Gemelli and Armida Barelli, with the support of Pope Benedict XV. 
Today the cloisters and classrooms of our buildings are attended by 1,400 lecturers and 45,000 students from 12 faculties.


"What is essential is invisible to the eye" Elena Valli

The illustrated water bottles project was created to make children and their parents more aware of environmental issues. I add my own illustrations to the water bottles to bring a bit of magic to the topic of ecology.



The shape of Stylla® Glass allows water to flow pleasantly into the mouth, the Scandinavian design makes it elegant and functional at the same time. Unique product in Italy.
Drinking will become a new moment of pleasure and relaxation for everyone.
Available in three capacities; you can also add a handy sock that protects it and makes it easy to handle and carry. Coloured silicone cap, perfectly fitting and durable.
Stylla® is designed without edges to prevent the build-up of bacteria and for easy cleaning.
It can also be washed easily in the dishwasher, and used in the refrigerator.
The glass is safe, healthy and infinite. Borosilicate glass allows for the highest standards of hygiene.



The MAcA refill bottle. A practical and environmentally friendly object to make your own personal contribution to the fight against plastic waste and to adopt a plastic-free lifestyle.



Root - FTC represents a new way of experiencing adventures. A travel companion that follows you everywhere. It is a thermal insulated water bottle with two distinctive features: elastic cords for attaching it anywhere, making it easy to carry, and a TPU pad to protect it from shocks.

With the Root FTC project, the two designers Matteo Vilardo and Marcello Marino wanted to make a contribution to sustainable thinking.

M&M: "we believe that a product today is not just a simple object, but a symbol of aggregation, an incentive to make a better gesture towards the planet".


Entry rules

Free access after booking on Eventibrite.

In accordance with current government regulations, you will need to present your Green Pass and wear a mask while inside the Space.

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