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An important word to identify someone who has studied, and with the strength and the ability to succeed, developing a dream from the paper into a project or a craft.

Not in this case, really not.

It is mostly a brilliant idea of  “Gianni”: manufacture a wellknown article, the chain, with a new innovative material, with such intelligent features to be appreciated immediately.

That’s happened!

The C.V.M. Plastic chain was born.

This is the short storytelling of C.V.M. from Arcugnano Vicenza, a specialized injection plastic molding factory from 50 years.

C.V.M. Became a new modern organized production and commercial enterprise with the help of its experienced team.

Worldwide well appreciated in the safety and hardware market.

C.V.M. is a reliable partner.
The chain is moulded continuously, it means a ring linked to the other without any seams, till the length of 100 mts!

A totally italian top engineered production.

In the years posts, bases, cones and accessories have been added to the range.

The plastic chain has surely some limits compared to the metal one, such as the limited strength power and the lifting power.

The customer knows it.

It is used to delimit or to decorate areas and it was born with this focus.

The plastic chain went surely beyond these targets, with the peculiarity of the forms, the colours and dimensions.

From the first step to split areas in working yard to create choreographies and fashion jewels. C.V.M. chain an important help to your imagination.


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Nation: Italy
Birth date: 27/06/1962
(59 years old)

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