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Our wide range of products for the architecture sector helps to turn buildings into energy-savers, windows into smart glass and facades into eye-catchers.

Contemporary architects face the challenge of designing buildings that are both appealing and energy-efficient. Choosing the right materials is key to achieve this goal.

We’re constantly working on new solutions to meet architects’ functional and aesthetic demands. Liquid crystal windows transform spaces, adding solar control and privacy. Effect pigments and functional solutions transform exterior and interior surfaces creating amazing dispersion paints or coil-coated façades, while OLEDs and LEDs create new lighting effects.

Due to environmental conditions, the color and physical properties of beautifully designed products degrade over time. To fulfill the requirements of a weather resistant, light stable, chemically inert and thermally stable pigment, is quite a tall order for any colorant. This has been achieved with the WAY technology, enabling metallic effects to be generated for a wide range of polymers used in harsh environment applications while having minimal reactivity with that system. The new Iriodin® WAY pigments will preserve their crystal clear and shiny appearance almost infinitely.

Our portfolio of architecture solutions perfectly balances form and function, bringing architectural vision to reality.

Together with our customers, we are shaping the future of mobility by offering solutions that promote the development of breakthrough innovations in automotive technology.

Solutions to reach a new level of design freedom. Imagine an era of stunning synergies between beauty and technology: free-form displays, OLED displays, interior & exterior pigments, LC windows, laser marking.

Solutions to increase reliability and durability to set your brand apart from the competition: anti-scratch materials, optical coatings, packaging materials for semi-conductors , Securalic® pigments.

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