Designers Giuliano Andrea Dell'Uva

Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva, 39 years old, from Naples, after his degree in Architecture, at Federico II University of Naples, starts his own studio Giuliano Andrea Dell’Uva Architetti. He has delivered always new projects from Hong Kong to Milan, Capri and Salento (in the beautiful Puglia), all characterised by a ophisticated planning, caring both at details and traditional flavour of the places that host the residences. What makes his design distinctive is his capacity to inflect the taste f aesthetic memory with the more contemporary one that, with its creative verve, is perfectly adapted to his clients’ needs. Besides renovations of apartments and villas, he often deals with commercial projects as shops, boutique hotels and lounge bars an le coffee shops. In 2013 he delivered the former Cirio Buildingdevelopment to be used as laboratory for the manufacture of scenography for San Carlo Theatre of Naples. In addition to the profession of architect he brightly runs the furniture production, as artistic supervisor, for the historical Maison Livio de Simone, for which, during the Design Week of Milan in 2014, he has presented the collection of fa- brics inspired by the works of the Stylist. He is also founder and partner of Capri Suite, a tiny boutique hotel in the heart of Anacapri, on the Island of Capri. Since 2016 he is involved in the re-styling project of the historical pastry shop Giovanni Scaturchio, founded in 1906 in Naples. It includes the new opening of shops all over the country. Many of his projects have been published by the most important na- tional and international Interior design magazines, as: AD (Italy- China- Germany- Russia), Elle Decor (Italy- Spain- China- UK) Living (Italy-Argentina) DHD, Case&Stili, Cotè Sud, Maison Francaise -Home France , HOUSE &GARDEN South Africa, Interior (Usa) Interior Design (Usa), Living Argentina, Case da Abitare China.


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