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Technology, design, sustainability
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Technology, design, sustainability

SAIB is one of the leading Italian companies producing raw and melamine-faced chipboard panels for the furniture and interior design industry. Its products are entitled RPB – Regenerated Particle Boards due to its particular sustainable manufacturing process - Rewood - which consists in transforming and completely regenerating end-of-life wood from waste sorting. Firmly managed by the same family for more than 50 years, SAIB invests on innovation as a tool for progress and protection of the environment. It operates in Caorso (PC) on a surface of 600,000 square metres with two continuous production lines for rawboards and four latest-generation lines for melamine-faced chipboards, for an overall production of 2000 m³/day. The company’s continuous investments in technology, which are supported by a tireless research to obtain surfaces of strong  tactile and emotional impact makes SAIB a key player in the industry of high-end product design thanks also to its expertise in perfectly combining aesthetics, technical processes and reuse,  adhering to the principle of circular economy.  Since 2020, the company is officially a member of ADI - Associazione per il Disegno Industriale.





Production year:

2019 extras realated to SAIB


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