Aesthetics and green research: the true soul of a SAIB chipboard

— 09 June 2020

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Solidly and skilfully managed by the same family for more than 50 years now, SAIB has become a leading company in its industry. Its panels are entitled RPB - Regenerated Particle Board, to convey the fact that they are made exclusively with fully regenerated end-of-life wood. In fact, since 1994, SAIB’s products, which are entirely produced in the company’s industrial plant in Caorso near Piacenza, have been the fruit of a sustainable industrial process called Rewood, which is based on the exclusive use of recovered wood scraps from waste sorting. Currently, the company’s production reaches about 2000m3 per day and is made possible by high-technology automated machinery that is regularly improved in terms of innovation and eco-friendliness. The aesthetics of the products are studied internally at the R&D department in order to anticipate and interpret the trends of the furniture and interior design industry, as in the case of the vibrant material and chromatic effects of the new Istanti collection. With selected partners, SAIB also develops innovative technical solutions to improve the three-dimensional nature of their panels’ surfaces or tailor-made solutions that anticipate the needs of the market, such as SilverBoard, the first panel with a 100% antibacterial surface conceived more than ten years ago. SAIB is a key player in the high-quality product design supply chain, which perfectly combines aesthetics, technical innovation and reuse by adhering to the most advanced principles of circular economy. To further underline its adherence to the idea of design as a cultural tool, SAIB became a member of ADI in 2020.

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