Event 2021

Archiproducts Milano: Here Is this Year's Project!

Silent technology and 'cocoon' spaces stage the lifestyle of the future with the “Future Habit(at)” project

The Archiproducts Milano space is ready for the Design Week! The new concept space in via Tortona 31 will host a rich programme of events from 4th to 10th September.


The 2021 Archiproducts Milan project
The project for the 2021 edition has the theme 'Future Habit(at)'. It is the result of collaboration with Studio Salaris and partnerships with 60 selected international brands. who contributed enthusiastically to the realisation of one of the richest versions of Archiproducts Milano in terms of design creativity, use of materials, furnishings, lighting,  and integrated technology/design solutions. Above all, the installation anticipates scenarios that interpret the lifestyle of the future. Technology - increasingly silent and devoid of traditional interfaces - and cocoon spaces - as opportunities for intimacy  - are the keywords for this new edition.


Cocoon spaces, between intimacy and sharing
In exploring the spaces of the future, the aim is not just social distancing but also new ways of social sharing. At Archiproducts Milano, this is translated into hybrid collective elements – kitchen counters that become co-working tables, living walls and cocoon spaces.

'Cocoons' are present in every room in Via Tortona - inhabitable arches that host people and technology. There are also interactive portholes with headphones and tablets, wall coverings that become habitable architecture, and office islands in the larger rooms.


Dematerialised technology
The home of the future will entrust more of its management to technology, which is becoming less and less obvious, and more integrated and silent. Objects and materials are the new intelligent interfaces between people and space that enable us to inhabit and experience the home, the office and the city with intelligence.

At Archiproducts Milano, you can sit in portholes and use headphones and tablets to enjoy a new domestic digital experience. The kitchen becomes intelligent with smart fridges, ovens and interactive tops; simple wood panels with touch displays become interfaces for home automation systems.


Pin Codes provide technical and purchasing information and  about the products on display
The 'future of living' is an essential issue for the retail world. The furniture sector has recently seen a strong movement towards e-commerce. Does this mean that the physical shop will disappear? Archiproducts wanted to respond by showing the potential of a more 'phygital' customer journey. For this experiment, we partnered with Pinterest, the quintessential inspirational social media platform.

Each room in via Tortona 31 will have a unique Pin Code for personalised Pinterest access. Just open the app on your device and scan the Pin Code using the camera in the search bar. You can then access the room's board with the so-called Pin Idea. This is one of Pinterest's latest innovations: carousels of photos and videos that provide information about the products on display in the room, providing the possibility of purchasing them. Thanks to a tag with a link to the Archiproducts product information sheet, you can buy and 'copy the look' of the rooms in just a few clicks!

2021 Archiproducts Milano is a manifesto for the living space of the future. It is an interactive, multimedia journey to the soft side of technology and a renewed way of understanding shared spaces in a 'new normal' guided by sustainability, aesthetics and comfort.


Abitex, Ambientec, Andlight, Astro Lighting, Bedont, BloomBoom, Braun, Bticino, Buzzispace, Cedit – Ceramiche d’Italia, Centrsvet, D'Armes, Desalto, Dooor, Econyl, Elmar, Faema, Florim, Framery, Garda, Hobby Flower, Interna8, Kriskadecor, Midgard, Milla&Milli, Netgear - Meural, Novacolor, Nicoline, Olimpia Splendid, Paola Paronetto, Paolo Castelli, Real Piel, RE-volt, Samsung, Scirocco H, Serge Mouille, Silentlab, Slayer, Steininger, Tapis Rouge, Toscanini, True Design, Velux, Vistosi.


Technical partners
Arredo Creativo, Alcarol, Dimensione3, Detale, Dlimit, EGO.M, Flos, Gypsum, Heymat, Italian Converter, Kelly Wreastler X Lee Jofa, Knauf AMF, Linvisibile, La Cimbali, Mui Lab, Netgear, Noho, Object Carpet, Officinarkitettura, Sarawagi, Strackk, 101 Caffè.


Media partner

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Entry rules

From 04th to 10th September
Opening hours: from 10am to 6pm
The event is admission free. It is mandatory to wear face mask and maintain social distance. The Green Pass certificate must be shown to enter the exhibition

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