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4-10 September 2021

The event belongs to
Brera Design District 2021

During the Milan Design Week 2021 Ceadesign presents DESIGN CROSSING, a path that highlights how the production of taps has changed over the course of the years, telling a story of the innate passion for stainless steel, the love for design and the strong attitude towards innovation technology that has always distinguished all CEA products.

In this special event Ceadesign will present HOOK, the new tap system designed by Parisotto + Formenton and Natalino Malasorti. Designed for outdoor, HOOK with its wall-mounted plumbing system and its wide choice of compositions, adapts to any project need by performing multiple functions: from gardening, to washing pets or sports equipment, from cooking to outdoor shower. HOOK is also suitable indoors, evoking the scenography of the bathroom area on a wooden panel from the collection “Strike” by XILIA | Wood Experience.

Together with HOOK there will also be an installation entirely dedicated to EQUILIBRIO, the innovative modular electric towel warmer and robe warmer powered at low voltage.

Ceadesign confirms the choice of AISI 316L stainless steel as the main material of environmental sustainability values: ecological, highly hygienic and totally recyclable. All productions in CEA occur in accordance with and in respect of the principles of environmental and energy sustainability through the help of auxiliary sources of renewable energy and thanks to the safeguarding of resources and the reduction of any form of improper energy consumption, from a social responsibility perspective. The result, a wide range of products - ranging from the bathroom to the kitchen, from outdoor to ventilation - with timeless design, simple and linear geometries, a demonstration of competence and foresight as well as an in-depth knowledge of the language of design.

In collaboration with XILIA | Wood Experience

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4-10 September 2021

Sito Web: ceadesign.it

Email: info@ceadesign.it

Entry rules
Free entry, with a number in compliance with ministerial regulations. On-site registration.
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