Event 2021


A unique experience of bronze craftmanship

EDITION BRONZE by Joachim Goertz creates interior design objects exclusively in bronze, offering not only a visual but also a tactile experience; lamps, mirrors, tables and furnishing accessories are handcrafted in Italy using techniques with an antique touch. Bronze, the oldest metal alloy known to mankind, is skilfully melted, worked and polished by hand to create unique objects of different manufactures. Made mostly of copper and tin, which give it its characteristics of malleability and hardness, bronze has been used for thousands of years. Its easy meltability, malleability, castability and the beauty of the patina it takes on have made bronze one of the most prized materials in statuary since ancient times. A timeless and long-lasting material, but constantly changing; depending on the processing technique it can take on different shades, it can appear cold or warm, but never artificial: bronze always adapts to our desires.

ANDREA HABERSTOLZ. Former graphic designer, Andrea Haberstolz has been actively working as an artist in Munich since 2002. From her formation comes her passion and focus on shapes and colours, in all its colour gradations. Her encounter in 2014 with Ann Wolff, a renowned glass artist and one of the founders of the international Studio Glass movement, brought her closer to her passion for this material and since then she has dedicated herself to finding the perfect combination of light, shape and colour for her glass creations, which have also enriched her paintings. The glass is skilfully worked and mouth-blown by one of Murano's masters, Andrea Zilio, who reproduces the shapes and colours created by the artist, creating objects that encapsulate an extraordinary combination of art, craftsmanship and design.


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