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MEW, Handmade Rug

Qian Jing
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MEW is a cutting-edge, handmade rug brand. The intention of MEW’s setup is to link the independence of graphics and functionality of the rug in a more interesting, unexpected and borderless way which is based on the preservation of craftsmanship. 

This is in order to offer a brand new concept and experience to the new generation of rug lovers and collectors. All MEW’s rugs are handmade in India, Nepal, and China, giving respect to the time spent by craftsmen during each process as we pay attention to the impact the materials have on the environment. 

We use natural materials, such as pure New Zealand wool, black yak wool, mulberry silk, bamboo silk, banana silk, cotton, and also recycled inventory wool. Our techniques include hand knotted, hand woven, hand loomed, and a hand tufted process which by using these techniques, MEW explores many new methods and mixes up the over all techniques to create infinite possibilities with these different materials.

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Eco-Geom Series

During my time in India, Nepal and Tibet at the rug atelier, I was shocked by how they stocked their wool in their warehouses. It was almost beautifully unorganized and made me feel like there was a use for it. I started to research “The Coloring of Rong Library” which a part of the Design Shanghai Fair 2020. The purpose was to design a series of “unfinalized” graphics that could be flexibly and randomly adapted to the inventory colors of wool.

This particular series was made by mixing natural white wool and natural black yak wool, and the colored wool along with the inventory wool which created our “zero dying” hand made rugs. The reason why we do this is because It prevents chemicals from polluting the environment during the main dying process.