Project 2021

Shanghai Selections

Design cooperation hand in hand across the East and the West - Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design and Fuorisalone co-initiated the " Shanghai Selections "

About“Shanghai Selections”

"Shanghai Selections" is a project co-initiated by Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design and Fuorisalone. It is not only a cooperation between Shanghai and Milan, but also a bridge between the design fields of Shanghai and Milan. This is a Design cooperation hand in hand across the East and the West.

"Shanghai Selections" will focus on industrial design, interior design, fashion design, architectural design, culture and art and other fields in forms of such as exhibitions, forums, salons, workshops and other cross-border cooperation, to carry out design cooperation and exchanges between China and Italy, and is committed to encourage and introduce more cutting-edge designers and brands and to support the growth of original design in Shanghai and Milan.


In 2010, UNESCO named Shanghai "the City of Design", Shanghai officially joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. In June 2013, Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design (hereinafter referred to SPCCD) was founded.

SPCCD is dedicated to promoting the development of Shanghai as "the City of Design" and the development of creative design industry. Since establishment, SPCCD has well organized and united relevant units to actively explore and practice by carrying out various international events and activities, such as exhibition, international communication, regional cooperation and integration of industry and education.

Significance of “Shanghai Selections”

"Shanghai Selections" will actively take the resource advantages of SPCCD and Fuorisalone platforms to promote communication between original designers and design enterprises, and find new business opportunities in the international market, and establish international design communication platform in Shanghai and Milan.

Vision of “Shanghai Selections”

"Shanghai Selections" is committed to encourage enterprises and designers to fully understand the differences between the China and Italy markets, and to better improve the popularity of enterprises and designers. In response to the specific needs of the China and Italy markets, activities related to design customization will be organized to best boost the development of the design industry. And through this project, it will contribute to the friendship development of the two countries and the two cities.