Event 2021


The fifth edition of the format devised by Elena Quarestani, which explores the relationship between architecture, art and design, is back on the occasion of Salone del Mobile.


architecten jan de vylder inge vinck/inge vinck jan de vylder architecten


Claudia Losi



curated by Federica Sala


The fifth edition of 1+1+1 continues with a dialogue with three authors who have once again been called upon to share a space, but above all a reflection on what it means to “create” today. Three installations that talk about care and attention and another, non-invasive way of inhabiting the world.

architecten jan de vylder inge vinck/inge vinck jan de vylder architecten title their contribution onlY. simplY. happY. Recalling their architectural practice, they recognise the existing post-industrial spaces as valuable and frame them to be simply and happily accepted.

Claudia Losi draws her intervention’s title Eppure si manifesta la relazione from a sentece by Steve Wallace in Chaos. A tapestry embroided over the course of twenty years is the “map” on which we read the growth movements of lichens. It is accompained by small shelters/tents made of semitrasparent fabric, which welcome but do not isolate those who enter.

Caretto/Spagna create a connection between the interior and the exterior of Assab One with a closed circuit of rainwater that feeds the growth of cuttings and of a dioscura batatas that crosses the boundaries between inside and outside. The title of their work is ffLux_radici di luce.

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Entry rules

From 4 September to 16 October
From Wednesday to Friday 3 to 7pm, Saturday by appointment
Special opening during Salone del Mobile Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 September

Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 September 4 to 8pm

Access upon reservation on Eventbrite

More info info@assab-one.org

The 2021 membership card and Green Pass must be presented at the entrance in accordance with the regulations in force.

**Free entry with an Assab One membership card (€10, valid until December 2021).

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