Event 2021

Solferino Lab

Solferino Lab, the Italian bathroom design, in the heart of Brera: the exhibition space that offers new ideas for personalization in the bathroom.
From the common vision of Fima Carlo Frattini, Megius and Scarabeo - reference companies in the bathroom sector at national and international level - SOLFERINO lab was born, an exclusive exhibition space conceived as a reference point for professionals and lovers of design culture - architects, interiors designers and individuals - interested in deepening the quality and technological innovation inherent in the collections of the three brands. An exceptional setting, located in via Solferino 36, in the heart of the Milanese design district, where it is possible to appreciate a vast and complementary offer in 140 square meters, expression of a concept of the bathroom in the name of design and wellness able to tell the most sought after personalities and the most ambitious projects. SOLFERINO lab, a stage for new trends in bathroom furnishings, offers visitors an immersive experience, a fascinating journey that leads to the discovery of the most iconic and representative products of the exhibiting companies, capable of building sophisticated sets for daily well-being. A constantly evolving meeting space, in line with interior design trends, where you can view the latest models and be inspired by atmospheres, color and material combinations that always express new and different lifestyles. The exhibition concept sees a fluid, dynamic and functional environment punctuated by scenes that allow the space to be scanned and collected areas, whose dimensions can change according to needs as it is designed to be constantly transformed and renewed with new scenarios and products. To complete the exhibition format, a multifunctional space in which to select and customize products according to your "bathroom project", which is divided into two areas: the material library, a sort of wunderkammer of finishes and materials, and an area dedicated to the presentation of the product range and news offered by individual companies. All under the guidance of competent staff to choose and coordinate the styles, shapes and finishes of Fima Carlo Frattini, Megius and Scarabeo products in the best possible way in order to create a harmonious and distinctive total look. SOLFERINO lab represents a showroom no longer only centered on the commercial relationship but also conceived as a place for meeting and debate on the project, home to workshops and events, testimony to the role of spokesperson for the culture of design and an innovative entrepreneurial vision of the three companies.
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