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FENIX Integrated Solutions

A solution of integrated kitchen sinks and washbasins designed to match countertops made of FENIX.
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FENIX Integrated Solutions is an elegant and an harmonic choice designed to integrate the countertops made of FENIX with the kitchen sink or the washbasin, that combine performance with beauty.
A perfect aesthetics integration between the countertop surface and the sink surface that enhance the design of the furniture with a touch of simplicity and elegance. The sinks have been designed with an innovative material that is a blend of ceramic nanoparticles and six innovative acrylic resins. The special composition makes the product more resistant to impact and thermal shocks. Its smooth surface allows a rapid flowing of water and creates a “lotus effect” that eases the cleaning. The UV protection prevents the washbasin from discolouration effects over time.


There are 14 colours available for the kitchen sinks and 3 types of installations – undermount, flushmount and drop in sink. This offers designers the freedom to create  kitchen spaces that meet different needs.

The FENIX integrated solutions of washbasins are available in 9 different colours. Two types of installation are possible: undermount and flushmount.



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