Event 2021

Paola Paronetto Fuori Salone touch.point

The shapes define sophisticated atmospheres.

This selection of ceramics created by Paola Paronetto for Renee Quartella fits perfectly into the context of the sets by Antonio Lupi and Gervasoni. A series of creations in which colours and shapes play a leading role in defining sophisticated ambients.

As such the "Giganti" bottles, "Bosco Nero", "Cactus" centerpiece, the "Etna" and "Vesuvio" vases, and the elements of the new "Safa" collection in emerald green, are inspired by the real world and realized in her own enchanted and light way and include references to archetypes where the nuances of colour and the appearance of black are equally symbolic and evocative.

Every one of Paola Paronetto’s creations is unique. From her exclusive clay mix, to the opaque and natural colour finish, each piece is completely handmade. The ceramics exhibited here are from her paper-clay collections and are available in a great variety of colours and shades.

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