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Antoniolupi Fuori Salone touch.point

“Between the lines” is the guiding thread that sews the entire graphic and design project, a concept that goes beyond what is visible giving structure to a completely new project of objects, colors and shapes.
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With the occasion of the Salone Touch Point Quartarella, antoniolupi introduces the latest “Tra Le Righe”, a concept developed by Gumdesign. Horizontal and vertical lines as map coordinates: anatomy, visible and sometimes invisible structure of the object. Black and white. are the protagonists of the antoniolupi new concept. 

TRALERIGHE is the first collection of wallpaper produced by antoniolupi, the collection consists of 20 designs available in positive and negative. Wallpaper is available in two materials: TNT support with vinyl finish - suitable for all rooms of the house. The designs of the TRALERIGHE wallpaper collection are studied on a mathematical algorithm: horizontal, vertical and oblique lines intersect as if they were alive and constantly moving, conversing with each other; so that the optical result is not of closure within a pre-established graphical cage, but of openness, designing the space. The space incorporates the movement that is given by the lines and is ready to welcome, like a pentagram welcomes the notes. 

TRAMATO is the new collection of antoniolupi carpets, it offers extraordinary and unexpected suggestions aimed at decorating contemporary spaces. Textures, optical effects and intricate lines fascinate with the their own presentation. 

As in the wallpaper collection, TRALERIGHE, also in this collection all the carpet decorations are marked by horizontal, vertical and oblique lines that intersect as if they were alive in continuous motion. The contract between WHITE and BLACK creates light and transmits intensity. The white is not a pure white, but an almost muffled warm white which, combined with black, creates shades of different depths. The TRAMATO carpet collection is made up of 16 references: all the carpets offered are made with printed velvet by means of the TUFTING technique. 

DISTINTO is a wall mirror defined by extreme lines, it is a rectangular-shaped object that integrates perfectly on the wall covered with Tralerighe wallpaper. 

The Distinto bathroom mirror is an edgeless piece with a ribbed decorative motif on one of the two short sides. Intriguing play of contrasts created on the wall between Distinto, the wallpaper and the play of light. The mirror comes with a LED lighting system that partners up with the contrasts between smooth and ribbed mirror. 

FONTE FONTE is the countertop sink in marble made from 24 wedges of marble glued together with a resin in a contrasting color. The FONTE sink is an eco-sustainable sink as it is designed to use the least amount of marble and in part using recycled materials of other processes. Fonte is a sink with a sober, minimalist and elegant design. Black and white, a symbol of timeless elegance, are interpreted in a contemporary sense.

REFLEXMOOD in the new antoniolupi bathtub made of Colormood, Colormood is a new material patented by antoniolupi, achieved thanks to technological research supported by sensitivity and careful stylistic research that takes place within the company. The new colored resin, Colormood, is availble in 8 matt colors, in the following color range: Iceberg, Argilla, Delfino, Ramerino, Basalto, Smoke, Mamba and Lichene. As well as all pastel shades, they adapt perfectly to the requests of architects and interior designers. 

MRWOLF is a towel holder that leans against the wall. Informal, elegant, light and solid, essential in shape but expressive in its overall image. A simple but multifunctional structure that leans against the wall and furnishes the space in which it is placed. 

The new ladder is made of brass painted in white or black as well as in the color range of antoniolupi. MrWolf has an integrated towel holder and can be equipped with a shelf and tray in Flumood or Colormood. 

Finally, BAMADE. A rigorous and widely customizable bathroom furniture system that, with its smoked glass door fronts, gives the showroom reflections of sophisticated elegance. 

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