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The culture of open air life is made up of sun, sky, landscapes and changing seasons. Pratic pergolas, carefully custom-made designed, are created to respond in a simple and functional way to the desire of living outdoor spaces with the greatest freedom. 

Connect is the first bioclimatic pergola that combines the essence of open air life with the pleasure of total privacy. An exclusive space created with mirrored glass walls that enhance the beauty of the context and with the external surface of the pergola that constantly acquires new colors and shapes. Connect is also designed to simplify daily gestures: the movement of the adjustable or retractable blades, of the vertical Raso awnings and LED lighting on the blades, on the perimeter and Set platform can be operated by remote control or through Amazon Alexa and Google Home systems.

Pratic pergolas collection responds to every need: Brera and Nomo are designed for those who love freedom at 360 °. Equipped with retractable cover, respectively with blades or sliding cover, these pergolas allow you to live open air spaces all year round.

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