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CEDIT: a story of values

Culture, Ethics, Design, Identity, Talent: these are the five nouns that reveal the values ​​of Florim Group brand CEDIT. 
Digital event

A statement of intent that encapsulates all the brand’s deepest beliefs, in the form of its founding principles - interpreted for the world of today - and perfectly in line with Florim’s commitments as a Benefit Corporation, with B Corp certification. 

CEDIT’s five values are analysed in detail in an original video that illustrates the brand’s identity. An exploration of the materials and the people who comprise its identity and who make it a unique benchmark in the world of architecture and design. 

Culture meaning knowledge, Ethics in the sense of environmental and social responsibility, Design standing for investment in research to generate beauty, Identity embodying a timeless history, and Talent as expression of Made in Italy. CEDIT portrays itself through its five founding principles, which interlock to perfection with the wider strategy of Florim, the ceramic surfaces company famous for its quality, innovation and sustainability for almost 60 years. In fact, it is no coincidence that Florim recently took an important step forward by changing its bylaws to become a Benefit Corporation and obtaining coveted B Corp certification. 

The CEDIT brand provides Florim with the ideal vehicle for transmitting its belief in “cultural value”, one of the founding principles of its work and social commitment. 

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