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"Stanze" at Moroso Showroom during the Milano Design City

. "The ‘stanze’ concept arose from the desire to bring to life different objects from our vast range," says Patrizia Moroso, the company's Art Director. "It is a way of doing things that Moroso came up with back in 2003 in order to conceive a catalogue, an idea for a layout, a concrete way of showcasing or evoking an offer of style and harmony between forms”.
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Five interpretations of the living area will take shape at the Milano Design City, 12-13 April 2021; the Stanze will display some of the major collections created in recent years at the Moroso showroom in Via Pontaccio 8/10 in Milan.

Stanze is the project in which Moroso tells its story: the products are placed in an environment designed to be reproduced in the stores. The company acts as a creative partner that develops a project ad hoc in which the entire Moroso house is fitted out.

In line with the Moroso spirit, the Stanze are modular, flexible, personal and can be customised. Unlike other proposals on the market, they are aimed at a specific target with a certain taste. Various colors, fabrics and sizes are combined to give the desired nuance and style, with the addition of carpets, lamps, tapestries and furnishing accessories. The certain stars of these rooms are the bestseller products of recent years: Gogan, Gentry, Josh, Redondo, Shanghai Tip, and, to the fore, Pacific, the new collection designed by Patricia Urquiola.

The new furnishing proposals bring together a sophisticated selection of fabrics, with new accessories like the high-quality carpets, created exclusively by Moroso’s long-time supplier Golran, with three lines that differ in the way they are produced, and the type of materials used, handmade in Nepal and India with evocative names: Himalayan Rugs, Matrix, and Sama.

The Himalayan rugs collection consists of carpets knotted by hand with the kilim technique and presents an unusual combination of materials: Allo, a natural fibre derived from the Himalayan nettle, banana and jute. A surprising combination that, in using the Himalayan nettle, is a demonstration of the company’s desire to explore and experiment with unusual natural fibres.

The Matrix collection is made up of handmade rugs, in a mixture of rayon and wool, while, with the Sama collection, Moroso introduces round rugs in its collection for the first time, also made with wool and rayon.

The accessories are a unique selection by Patrizia Moroso and Marco Viola of the artistic ceramics of Rina Menardi and Paola Paronetto, master artisans who are well known for their use of colour and surprising, unusual shapes.

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