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Paolo Castelli’s novelties

The elegance of Paolo Castelli’s novelties between art, ethics and sustainability
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PAOLO CASTELLI renews its participation at Milano Design Week disclosing the 2021 novelties of Inspiation and GREENKISS collections at its flagship store in Milan. The space, dedicated to the celebration of made in Italy elegance, tells a new concept of contemporary living, a synthesis of a path of sophisticated and careful research in the name of a distinctive and highly recognizable Italian trait.



The 2021 collection, which has its roots in the interpretation of the aesthetic principles typical of the 20’s and 30’s, is designed to elegantly furnish refined contemporary residences, result of harmonious contaminations between design and fashion. Exceptional furnishings and complements, the result of unprecedented creative solutions in which an aesthetic of elegant essentialities is interpreted through the culture and ethos of multifaceted and complex research: a journey in the innovation of hospitality and the dream of living space. An itinerary of rooms furnished and interpreted to give a realistic vision of the evolution of a style of international elegance in the history of a design wholly Made in Italy. A new interior mood, embellished by the emotional and revolutionary experience of light.



30 eco-responsible products which express not only the importance of the functional and aesthetic aspects of furnishings but also emphasise the value and charm of the way in which ethical design becomes the driving force behind a renewed sense of positivity and empathy towards the environment as a “resource”. The collection comprises tables, armchairs, seats and light fittings, and reflects the finest Italian and French design of the Fifties and Seventies. An ethical collection resulting from the creative talents of designers Hubert de Malherbe and Thierry Lemaire, combined with the savoir-faire of Paolo Castelli. The quality of the materials, which are all either regenerated, recouped or ethically produced under strictly controlled conditions (fast-growing and second quality wood, recycled glass, stone, fabrics and concrete, natural fibres, sustainable ceramics), is enhanced by geometric styling, graphic details and asymmetrical proportions in an ironic and creative cut and thrust exchange between art and interior design. What are the limits of elegance when using surprising new materials, moulded into the purest forms? We leave it up to you to judge.


Discover Paolo Castelli's FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified products.

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