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Silent-Iconic the 4-way cassette unit design panel by Hitachi Cooling & Heating

Silent-Iconic received the Red Dot: Best of the Best 2021 award in product design, the highest accolade in the competition. It is the most unique solution that’s not been seen before, the perfect blend of premium climate-control technology and sleek aesthetics.
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Not just an indoor unit - a design statement

The Silent-Iconic design panel transforms the Hitachi 4-way cassette indoor unit into a sophisticated architectural detail. Attractive yet unobtrusive, the Silent-Iconic combines the subtlety of ducted-concealed style units with the cost-effectiveness of 4-way cassettes for an optimal solution that is ideal for contemporary settings.
Winner of multiple design awards, the Silent-Iconic is the affordable premium solution.


A unique, award-winning panel that turns the indoor unit into a design statement

The four flaps of the Silent-Iconic are crafted to reduce their visual impact, yet maintain precise airflow control. To further minimise the appearance of the cassette, the central inlet of the unit is louvred so it integrates perfectly into the ceiling. Air vents are now tastefully hidden, so the indoor unit blends seamlessly into its surroundings. 

Create a “silent” space to maximise the experience

Interior design is fundamental in all commercial environments and has a significant impact on the customer’s enjoyment of them; restaurants, shops and specialized clinics with sleek and modern concepts need climate control solutions that match.

Until now, it’s been common for design-orientated buildings to adopt ducted-concealed style indoor units because they are visibly less disruptive and easier to integrate. For architects and interior designers, the Silent-Iconic cassette offers a brand new option that is “visually silent”, and that does not interfere with the look and feel of the interior.

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Design beyond matter

Personalized technology improves the quality of life, spaces and relations in connected communities. An essential, pure approach to design underscores the stylistic codes of public spaces in the post-Covid era. The search for a perfect form to give to innovative technology permits us to design increasingly linear, contemporary spaces. The process whose matrix is the architectural design of the 20th century finds its maximum expression in today’s design. This means that every single object takes on a symbolic value as well as a formal function, and that the quality of the artifact, the creative act of its making and its heritage represent important values to communicate, beyond simple functional use.

Sunday 18th april 2021
h 18.30, INTERNI Meeting Point,
Istituto Marangoni, via Cerva 24

Gilda Bojardi, editor Interni

Paolo Caimi marketing manager Hitachi Cooling & Heating Italy
Duccio Grassi architect e and founder Duccio Grassi Architects
Tomohiko Sato Senior Designer Product Design Department Hitachi
Kaori Shiina designer e and Hands on Design art director

Matteo Vercelloni architect

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