Event 2021

Nilufar Depot

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Best of Fuorisalone 2021

—Matacubi by Pietro Consagra
—Odyssey by Andrés Reisinger
—Jungle by Khaled El Mays
—Site-specific installation by Federica Perazzoli —Sun-Ra Collection by Nanda Vigo
—New contemporary projects by Nir Meiri and Federico Peri
—Homage to Lina Bo Bardi - Special Golden Lion for lifetime achievement in memoriam

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2021, Nilufar Gallery showcases new installations at its locations in Milan.
Nina Yashar presents an eclectic selection of projects and unique pieces to recount, once again through her meticulous research, the beauty of design and contemporary art.

“I’m very fond of this year’s edition of Design Week: it marks a new beginning and is an occasion to meet after a long time and discuss the latest trends and discoveries in the industry, as well as new ways of collaboration. The past few months have given us the opportunity to reflect on our work, delve into our projects, and conduct research together with designers”, remarked Nina Yashar.

A major contemporary art exhibition titled Matacubi by Pietro Consagra is held at the Atrio room in Nilufar Depot. The show, curated by Nina Yashar together with Luca Massimo Barbero (author of the catalog published by Marsilio Editori), was organized in collaboration with the Pietro Consagra Archives and was installed by Ruggero Moncada di Patern . The exhibit features a selection of unpublished works by the eclectic artist who was born in Mazara del Vallo in 1920 and who is internationally recognized as the most prominent figure in the new Italian contemporary sculpture scene. His artwork is part of some of the greatest collections in the United States and is exhibited in the world’s best museums for contemporary art.

Depot’s Palcoscenico area, instead, is dedicated to Odyssey, Andrés Reisinger’s first solo show in Italy, where the designer speaks of the connection between the digital world and the real world through a dialogue between furniture and NFT.

Nilufar, Via della Spiga 32, 20121 Milano Tel +39 02 780193 www.nilufar.com nilufar@nilufargallery.com

The Caveau space hosts the solo exhibition Jungle by Khaled El Mays featuring a sitespecific intervention by Federica Perazzoli.

The collection of unpublished lamps Sun-Ra by Nanda Vigo graces one of the 30 stages set up at Depot. Made in collaboration with JCP Universe, it is the last project by the celebrated designer who recently passed away.

The study of contemporary design showcased at Depot is enriched with two new lighting projects, the Halo chandelier by Federico Peri and Duo Pendant by Nir Meiri.

A selection of furniture pieces by Lina Bo Bardi celebrates the Special Golden Lion for lifetime achievement in memoriam that was awarded to the Italian-born Brazilian designer at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Architecture Biennale.

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