Born in Pordenone, Italy, Paola Paronetto has dedicated her life to exploring the boundaries of ceramics, both as a medium and as an art form. Paronetto skilful interpretation of ancient clay-making is rooted in her experiences in Gubbio, Deruta, Faenza, Florence and Vicenza where she developed her craft. Her constant experimentation is spurred on by the beauty of nature and the simplicity of forms. She dedicates most of her artistic endeavour on paper clay, a blend of paper pulp, natural fibres, and clay that results in a unique texture with a delicate and tactile quality.

Reflections, a concept that embraces the double meaning of the word, is the title and theme of the collaboration between Paola Paronetto and Giovanni Botticelli that will be presented during the Milan Design Week, at the workshop and studio of Fabscarte (via Foppa 50/A).

The features of an apparently light material such as paper clay harmonises with the crisp lines of the mirror, the result of specific processing, finishing of surfaces and colours, have a thoughtful and meticulous balance, but remain warm and delicate.

The outcome of this design synthesis are two wall-mounted objects: the RING NOVA mirror and the RING AURA mirror-lamp. In the RING AURA version, a warm light is added to the material and colour of the surfaces, suggesting an idea of physical and temporal suspension.


Paola Paronetto

Via Prata 14/b
33080 Porcia - Pordenone 

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