Brands FENIX®

FENIX® is the new generation of surface materials for interior design signed by Arpa Industriale. Thanks to its proprietary technology resulting from years of research, FENIX surface is extremely matt, pleasantly soft touch and surprisingly anti-fingerprint. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible. The story behind the FENIX® name draws inspiration from the Phoenix’s legend and its ability to infinitely regenerate.

The range includes three types of materials:
FENIX NTM® the firstborn of the FENIX® family (2013). It answers to two important interior design trends: smart materials and matt surfaces. A unique combination that makes this material extremely flexible and suitable for every environment. Twenty timeless colours with different sizes and thicknesses, for both horizontal and vertical applications.
FENIX NTM® Bloom is a smart material with a more natural heart: Bloom technology has made it possible to replace its com-position with 50% lignin, a renewable raw material.
FENIX NTA® is the version with an enhanced metal surface, yet featuring the same properties that characterise FE-NIX®: low light reflection and extreme opacity, softness to the touch, resistance to fingerprints and superficial micro-scratches. Modernity and innovation, finally together.

FENIX surfaces have distinctive aesthetics and performance and can be easily adapted to a large number of different applications (kitchen, tables, bathroom, doors, furniture), both vertically and horizontally

FENIX, where technological innovation and Italian design meet.


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