Living the building shell
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Living the building shell

How does the design of a building's skin change? What are the rules at the basis of the concept, and how do functionality, performance, sustainability, aesthetics and durability become key elements in the development of the building envelope, which is also becoming increasingly important in the communicative capacity of the project. We talk about this with Lombardini22, an international reference point and breeding ground for experimentation in the field of architecture.



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with Roberto Cereda, Director L22 Engineering & Sustainability
Cristian Tegas - Partner & CEO Thema Italia, Fondatore & CEO Theatro Italia
Alessandra Fusi - Sustainability team leader presso Nemho-Gruppo R&D di Trespa, Arpa, Fenix, Formica, Homapal, Westag&Getalit 
Valter Bettuzzi - Responsabile Sviluppo Contratti (Florim)
Nadia Odorico - National Key Account Specifiers Consultant - Decorative Paints BU Italy presso AkzoNobel Coatings SpA - Sikkens

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