The living room
Me and my dog
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The living room

Me and my dog

The living room is the nucleus of the home, even an essential space to properly define a home. Heir to the great eighteenth-century tradition, it is the gravitational centre of all relationships, an intimate place where to welcome guests and spend pleasant moments together: even without "noble conversations", simply by sharing space. Particularly, the living room is the place par excellence where the relational patterns of a family are shaped: meetings, goodbyes, partings, celebrations and wreaths. Far from the spreading out which usually characterizes social networks and communities, it embodies the room used to keep up and renew social and community relations.  From the living room, we can understand the evolution of the concept of family and welcome its new members, turning into reality an emotional and relational flow that begins in the hearth and spreads throughout the home.  Gian Paolo Lazzer of Strategy Innovation and Riccardo Zanette, Vice President of MCZ Group, guide us into the first room of our home to speak about the value of the living room.



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Gian Paolo Lazzer, Chief Culture Specialist | Strategy Innovation
Riccardo Zanette, Vice-president | MCZ Group
Video e montaggio: Nest Collective
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