The bedroom
Me and my dream
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The bedroom

Me and my dream

The importance of a good night sleep is as clear as the need for sleep itself. This is why the bedroom must be designed in an extremely attentive way: sensibility must never be disconnected from functionality.  The bedroom of the future will therefore be featured with attention to the well-being of the individual and the quality of his or her sleep, which also depends on the quality of materials, quality of air and the mindful arrangement of lighting points: the simple physiological need is transformed into true regeneration. Once the ergonomics and functionality have been designed, the bedroom is ready and can finally become the room that creates dreams. Even more than the designed physical space, the dream space takes shape and acquires value, being the only one in which we are allowed to establish relations with the impossible and above all with the future. A future that we imagine to be aesthetically aware and above all green. Gian Paolo Lazzer of Strategy Innovation and Stefano Foffano, founder of Staygreen, take us on a dream journey.    



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Gian Paolo Lazzer, Chief Culture Specialist | Strategy Innovation
Stefano Foffano, Founder | Staygreen
Video e montaggio: Nest Collective
(eng_Video & editing: Nest Collective)

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