Brands Strategy Innovation Srl

Strategy Innovation is a university spin-off of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice. It is a service company dealing with strategic consulting for B2B and B2C companies. It is located in the San Giobbe Economic Campus – ever since a place of environmental, social and strategic innovations – which is the perfect setting for the development of an innovation idea, not only including technological features, but also culture, art and history.


Strategy Innovation makes available the most relevant discoveries of academic research and supports strategic innovation to re-think the business model, leveraging creativity and undisciplinarity and generating radical transformation proposals.

Its clients include listed companies, high-tech firms, international groups as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.


Its blended group of professionals – managers, designers, engineers, computer scientists, sociologists, psychologists, art historians and men of letters – is able to tackle any sector and market, using methodologies, concepts and tools from the most diverse fields of knowledge.


Strategy Innovation operates within a complex business ecosystem that facilitates the generation of value, knowledge and strategic relationships through creative destruction: it believes it is necessary to fully understand the rules in order to radically innovate them.

The network is nurtured by a community of innovators who regularly meet in an exclusive place for events and undisciplined training courses.


The initiatives promoted by Strategy Innovation:

- Strategy Innovation Forum (SIF)

- Strategy Innovation Master (SIM)

- Strategy Innovation Workshop (SIW)

- Strategy Innovation Hub (SIH)

Sestiere Dorsoduro 3246,

30123 Venezia