The neighborhood
Me and my neighbours
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The neighborhood

Me and my neighbours

People and relationship are undoubtedly the pillar of the "Laboratorio dell’Abitare". But "living" means "being familiar with a place": thus, it may be difficult to stop at the doorstep. The Laboratory needs to consider the neighbourhood too. Indeed, the value of relationships is measured not only at home but also within the neighbourhood where someone has chosen to live. Living the neighbourhood means taking the time to explore it, to meet its residents, to appreciate its peculiarity. A fifteen-minute stroll should define a space without architectural or cultural barriers: a neighbourhood for everyone. The neighbourhood becomes a place of social inclusion where people feel they belong to a community. The neighbourhood allows healthy and special relationships, from which everyone benefit and has their own personal experience of life and growth.  Gian Paolo Lazzer of Strategy Innovation and Simone Pasquali, Business Developer at IPS, guide us towards the end of our journey through the streets and spaces of the neighbourhood to measure, once again, the value of the unique relationships we come across every day. 



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Gian Paolo Lazzer, Chief Culture Specialist | Strategy Innovation
Simone Pasquali, Business Developer | IPS
Video e montaggio: Nest Collective
(eng_Video & editing: Nest Collective)

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