Living the domestic space
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Living the domestic space

How is the design of a domestic space changing? What are the rules at the basis of the concept and how do functionality, experience, sharing, multifunctionality and phygitality become key elements in the development of the concept, which is also increasingly important in terms of the project's ability to communicate. We talk about this with Lombardini22, an international reference point and breeding ground for experimentation in the field of architecture. On the occasion of Fuorisalone Digital, in the context of Milano Design City, Lombardini22 accepted the invitation of Studiolabo to take part in the project by organising, thanks also to the support of MindTable, a series of meetings related to the theme proposed by Fuorisalone "forms of living". The meeting wants to investigate in particular the concept of domestic space, of home and its changes and evolutions in reference to the historical context we are living and the evolution of the concept of customization, multifunctionality, sharing thanks to the open discussion between Adolfo Suarez with Daniele Lago and Robero Rizzi.




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with Adolfo Suarez, Director L22 Living
Daniele Lago – Chief Executive Officer e Head of Design di LAGO
Roberto Lizzi – commercial director Snaidero 

An exclusive production by MindTable
Thanks to Adolfo Suarez and Luisa Castiglioni for Lombardini22,
and MindTable. 

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