The garden
Me and my shadow
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The garden

Me and my shadow

Albeit hard and frightening, it’s the journey through shadows that allows Dante to access a hidden knowledge, the knowledge of the otherworldly world. In our small way, a stroll in the garden becomes an opportunity to enlighten the mind and increase our knowledge of ourselves and the world. The sun makes the surrounding nature clear and plain; too much light, however, can be blinding: so here is what can act as a filter to give us back the pleasure of knowledge. The tree in the garden becomes a metaphor for knowledge. Its leaves and branches filter direct sunlight and cast their shadow on the grass, putting us in a comfortable condition. Thus, we discover the power of shadow, which – if meant as an appropriate design of light – gives shape, perspective and depth to everything surrounding us. Gian Paolo Lazzer of Strategy Innovation and Carlo Urbinati, President of Foscarini, will guide us into an enlightening  journey of self-consciousness. 



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Gian Paolo Lazzer, Chief Culture Specialist | Strategy Innovation
Carlo Urbinati, Presidente | Foscarini
Video e montaggio: Nest Collective
(eng_Video & editing: Nest Collective)

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