The greenhouse
Me, plants and weeds
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The greenhouse

Me, plants and weeds

The greenhouse is the room for plants. Inside it, we can recreate the best conditions to make them grow in a safe and controlled way. By observing what slowly happens inside, we discover the rhythms of nature and the intelligence of its inhabitants. The greenhouse becomes a metaphor for company innovation laboratories, places devoted and designed to grow talents, experiment with ideas, foster creativity and share knowledge. Like the greenhouse, they are a place for investigation, where it is possible to safely make mistakes.  In the greenhouse of innovation, however, "weeds" should not be missing, as they embody resilience and the strength of nature. At home, as within the company, weeds are a healthy and vital rebellion against the status quo, an unexpected source of ideas and creative solutions. Gian Paolo Lazzer of Strategy Innovation and Valeria Zampieri, HR Manager di Everel Group, will guide us on this sweet "wandering" through the greenhouse of innovation.



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Gian Paolo Lazzer, Chief Culture Specialist | Strategy Innovation
Valeria Zampieri, Group Human Resources & Communication Director | Everel Group
Video e montaggio: Nest Collective
(eng_Video & editing: Nest Collective)

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