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Everel is a leader in the production and supply of electronic and electromechanical parts for the most celebrated household electrical appliance manufacturers and for the principal automobile producers. The company can provide, through its brands Molveno, Dreefs, Signal Lux, Giem, Mec-Tronic and Everel, a vast range of electrical parts for the household appliances sector, including switches, selectors, signal lights, motors, heating elements and customized solutions for oven ventilation.


While maintaining its focus on electromechanical items, the group also invests in products with electronic content, such as encoders and PCBs. For the automotive industry, Everel designs and produces customized products for vehicle interiors such as switches and converters for air conditioning and door-closure systems.

Innovation, quality and efficiency are the core values with which Everel seeks to provide maximum customer-satisfaction and win the challenge of the world markets. A solid production tradition, constant quality research and constant attention to product and process innovation with dedicated investments in technology and automation: these are the key strengths that enable Everel to meet the most specific industry requirements with maximum efficiency and flexibility.


Large and small household electrical appliances
This is our most important business area. Everel serves this market since more then 30 years with a never-ending innovation process. We countinously renovate and increase our offer of solutions and customized products for major, small and professional household appliances. Starting from design to production and distribution of switches, selectors, signal lights, motors and ventilation units, sub-assemblies, encoders, pressure switches.

Automotive Industry
This is another important application area for Everel. We manage the design and production of customized electromechanical parts for the vehicle's cabin. We are proud to have as customers some of the most important producers of automotive parts, and some of the leading automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Other Markets
In addition to Eldom and Automotive, we serve also Heating and Ventilation (HVAC), Gardening and Outdoor, Healthcare. For each market we design, develop and distribute solutions and customized products.

Quality is an essential highlight in Everel, that guides the offer starting from the project. Our target is to give the maximum satisfaction's level to our customers, in terms of solution and service. Every component is previously tested in laboratory following the strict international standards in order to guarantee high performances and safety.

All the used materials adopt RoHS 2011/65/UE standard related to the restriction of dangerous substances' use and to the management of electric and electronic equipment waste. They are controlled also to guarantee the compliance to European standard (CE) 1907/2006 (REACH) applicable to our products.

Everel Quality Management System is certified on the base of ISO9001:2008 standard and Automotive IATF 16949:2016 certification.



Everel Group has its registered offices in Italy (Valeggio sul Mincio - Verona), headquarters and production site. There are other two production sites and commercial branches in Germany and Romania.

The Italian offices and the commercial branches allow our worldwide presence, thanks to a large network of agents and distributors who ensure quick answers to our customers. All the Everel's departments operate sinergically in order to guarantee the highest standard level for our products.



Via Cavour 9 - 37067

Vialeggio sul Mincio (VR) - Italia

ph.: +39 045 631 3711

fax: +39 045 631 3730


Dreefs GmbH

Ernst-Dreefs Straße 7 - 96364

Marktrodach - Germania

ph.: +49 9261 962224-0

fax: +49 9261 962224-2


Everel Romania srl

Calea Timisorii 109

Lipova - Arad - Romania

ph.: +40 257 563087

fax: +40 257 563086

+39 045 6713711
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