FENIX is the innovative material brand with an Italian design soul. An open design system, harmonious synthesis between a stylistic colour choice, unique proprietary technology and a business model focused on value creation. The external surface of FENIX is characterised by the use of next generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed through an Electron Beam Curing process. With low light reflectivity, FENIX surface is extremely opaque, soft touch and anti-fingerprint. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible.

The range includes three types of materials:
FENIX NTM®: a technical and aesthetic answer to two interior design trends: smart materials and matt surfaces. Available in 20 timeless colours;
FENIX NTM® BLOOM: a product with more natural raw materials. Enriched with Bloom, a new core technology, for which four new colours have been specifically developed;
FENIX NTA®: an empowered metal surface. Extremely matt, soft touch, anti-fingerprint and with a resistance to superficial micro-scratches.

FENIX products are suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications: kitchens, bathrooms, design furniture, retail, offices and contract.

FENIX believes in simplicity, beauty, sustainability and performance as a way to help its partners create distinctive, beautiful and enduring designs.

A unique brand for never-ending interior design stories.

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Design Week

The role of Milan in your commercial strategy

As a city and a creative hub, Milan plays a key role in the world of design. Nowadays, more than ever, it continues to be a strong reference point worldwide. It hasn’t lost it appeal nor touch. Its rich and long-design history has propelled creativity and young talent forward. In fact, Milan is a city that serves as an amplifier and creator of ideas. It continues to inspire and to innovate. From fashion to interior design, everyone keeps an eye on what comes out of the city. Vibrant discussions and inspiration pour through the streets, the artisan shops and the nature of the city itself. It has an unrivaled concentration of talent, both established and emergent, making the meaning of the “designed in Italy” value even stronger.

Exhibition showroom or multifunctional space? How does the commercial space change and how did you think about your exhibition space?

FENIX® Scenario was conceived with a flexible design from the very beginning. This allowed to quickly rethink the layout of the space after the Covid-19 pandemic and comply with the new requirements and office distribution logic. So it was easy to nurture a multifunctional concept where the team of MUSA—the marketing, communication and design hub for all the companies of the Broadview group—can work while applications of our products can be seen and experience in a real live setting. FENIX Scenario remains a stimulating and inspiring open space where designers and architects can interact with the materials and design objects. The experience starts outside, through the big windows that surround the showroom and give insight into the beauty and functionality that can be found inside.

You have chosen to open your first showroom in the Brera Design District, what are the reasons for this choice?

In the Brera Design District, you can feel the pulse of art and design. The artisanal shops, the galleries; many national and international artists and designers are based here. It also the epicentre of the most important design event worldwide: the Milan Design Week with the Salone del Mobile. The concentration of design talent and expertise is a major reason for basing our showroom FENIX scenario in the Brera District. The space will also host MUSA, the marketing and communication centre of excellence for the all the material technology brands of the Broadview group. We want to be close to the fire, to creativity and innovation. The Brera Design District is where many designers, with whom we can potentially cooperate, are based. It’s also an area where architects can be in contact with interior design trends as there is a concentration of material showrooms. Many journalists and other content creators are also here; they are pivotal for us to have the impact that we are after.

How do you think digital can support the physical event, from Fuorisalone to the launch of new products, during the year in the showroom?

Digital contents go hand in hand with physical events. They complement what is being shown or launched while giving the opportunity to those who can’t attend to be part of the experience. It creates a content library meant to inspire, show possibilities and document the growth of a brand. All of our events and product launches are hybrid physical-digital experiences, as they amplify the possibilities while strengthening the message we want to communicate. The digital content is ingrained in the exhibition, as a fundamental part of it. But it also lives on its own, to continue the promotion of events and product launches beyond a date. Because our materials are meant to be touch, the creation of digital content also pushes us to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to present them. Overall, it widens the opportunities.

What role do social media play in the company's communication strategy?

Social media have had a key role in promoting FENIX since 2013, when this innovative material for interior design was launched. These platforms have allowed us to showcase the possibilities of the material worldwide. We have put an emphasis on the details and the application of the product, as we believe that details matter. The images we share are meant to inspire and to celebrate the designers and manufactures that use FENIX. They also show the versatility of the material and, within a short frame, tell never-ending stories. Social media has also been crucial in strengthening the brand awareness, in quickly spreading product innovation and news. We always include social media in our exhibitions and events, inviting customers and visitors to create and to share contents with us. We love seeing our materials in the wild and how creativity is sparked. In our new FENIX Scenario, we have an area dedicated to creation of mood boards that will be easily and quickly available to be shared on social media.

How important is innovation in your sector?

Our work is based on innovation and sustainability, from the production process to the manufacturing of the material. These are two fundamental drivers in the creation of value that characterize FENIX as well as all the brands from our group. Innovation and sustainability are not only vital within our industry but they are ingrained in our companies DNAs. FENIX is an example of this. Strongly characterized by a timeless beauty and its unique properties, FENIX is the result of four years of research and developed by an international, multidisciplinary team thanks to proprietary technologies. It was the very first product on the market capable of satisfying the needs of two interior design trends: the search for intelligent materials and a taste for opaque surfaces. Seven years later, we continue to build the brand by innovating and offering an enriched product range that has a greater environmental performance.

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