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Fashion Colada

Highly engaging playful digital fashion design courses using mixed reality elements.
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Fashion education online short courses have not taken advantage of interactive technologies. There is a challenge in combining the most relevant parts of interactive gaming (worth £5.8billion), technical education (ed-tech worth £170million in the UK) and craft design (craft market UK worth £3.4billion) empowering the consumer to playfully increase their skills and knowledge. This would be a completely new pioneering creative approach.

To create highly engaging playful digital fashion design courses using Virtual and Augmented reality, voice-assisted technology integrated with traditional medium to enhance the learning experience and create a more inclusive presentation for fashion design which is inherently multi-layered, and 3D to create a rich and stimulating learning environment for the student in their own homes. Their first content will look at Japanese inspired textile print and place it onto simple garments.

The idea first came about when Annette she was discussing further development and growth in the fashion industry with a visiting friend sitting in the Retiro park. Annette’s friend was just working on her second call project for worth and after discussing Annette’s ideas and passion for creating online courses her friend suggested that she look in to adding mixed reality to the ways of learning and that she also looked in to the worth project. This sounded like an amazing idea so Annette kept researching the idea of learning through new technologies and introduced the idea to her partner Joeske, who immediately was intrigued coming from a design technical background. So the idea was born and grew from a discussion on a park bench in the Spanish sun to an online platform with creative courses using mixed reality to help create a ‘hands-on’ learning experience.

Our product fills the need of our customer when it comes to keeping up to date within your profession and lifelong learning. It helps the customer learn new specific skills to stay competitive and to change jobs or have more opportunity to find work.
The challenge with the project is that there is already a lot of learning platforms out on the market helping students develop their skills. We believe however that we can offer more ‘hands-on’ learning using mixed reality than our competitors who are only using video and text content.

The creative process for this project has followed a natural path growing out of research, market analysis and solids value proposition and business canvas. After the gap in the market had been identified the creative process was free to begin. Annette and Joeske studied branding strategies, colour theories, the competition and trends on website designs
before working through multiple versions of illustrator layouts to finding the Fashion Colada brand vision.

The two partners have complimented each other which has made the process of working through the project easier. Being two partners mean that you need to review and analyse things from more than one stand point which has proven remarkably interesting and useful. The target customer will be different people with different skill sets and experiences just like the two partners, which if you work alone can easily be missed.

Mixed realities are slowly making their way into education and it will grow in the future and therefore this project has a great head start and potential in the market. We passionately believe that online learning will grow substantially and with a platform like Fashion Colada that can offer ‘hands-on’ learning using mixed reality available to the student, will give the student a great learning experience and make it easy to obtain new knowledge.
To grow the project successfully in the future we believe that further investment by money for building the mixed reality elements and by deeper technical knowledge will be needed.
With the right support the platform can grow large scale by building a large library of different creative crafts and fashion courses using professional teachers.

We strongly believe that collaborations will help your project grown and expand. It will also make it easier to spot potentials and gaps in the market making your project grow into a viable product.


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