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Rethink! Service Design Stories Talkin’ Bout A Revolution

Rethink! Service Design Stories, the first Italian festival dedicated to service design and innovation, is back with a new all-digital and handy edition, on Clubhouse from 14th to 16th April 2021.
For three consecutive days, the social network most loved by those who want to keep up to date on current issues will host experts, companies and institutions to build a public arena in which to meet, discuss and create new ideas and networks.
"Talkin' Bout A Revolution" is the title of the fifth edition of the festival, which will address the themes of the New European Bauhaus, Circular Economy and Circular Cities, in a virtual round table aimed at exploring new service scenarios in the sustainable, accessible, inclusive and possible urban transition.
The city - in its various layers - plays a crucial role in innovation. Cities are fertile ground for change and experimentation, and are at the same time a controversial design territory. What does a citizen-friendly city mean? In recent years, the concepts of smart cities, resilient cities and circular cities have been described as urban models in which the quality of life and the quality of man-made and natural environments can be integrated with technological development, in order to leave future generations a "better" world.
In this perspective, service designers are called upon to face technological, economic, social and cultural challenges. How can we tackle change together?
The festival will be preceded by the "RETHINK Preview!" meeting during which we will discuss how to imagine a sustainable and inclusive city.
You can consult the complete programme on the official website of Rethink! - www.rethinkfestival.it
To follow the Rethink! account on Clubhouse - https://www.joinclubhouse.com/club/rethink-by-polidesign
Rethink! is promoted by POLI.design - Politecnico di Milano and its Service Innovation Academy. The festival is supported by the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano.

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