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The coating new trend

From 6th to 12th June returns the international appointment with design and Officina Alviti takes the opportunity to launch MODO FLUIDO as part of the Fuorisalone and Brera Design District, a new concept of decorative coating created by the artist designers Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti and hosted at Alberto Corda Atelier.

The bottom of Vicolo Giardino, cul-de-sac overlooking the central via Manzoni from which you enter the well-known Beauty Atelier, is transformed into an unexpected aquarium inhabited by floating jellyfish. Surfaces of Venetian grit, originally intersected by a brass wire and a palette of soft and warm shades, create a dreamlike marine imagery. The nuances chosen bring us back to the tones of make-up, in keeping with the space that hosts the installation, and take a careful look at this year's color trends.

Venetian grit, also known as “terrazzo” or “seminato”, is a type of coating made with crushed stone and small fragments of marble, earthenware, glass and held together by a sort of cement mortar, which is then pressed and polished. It is a meticulous and rigorous work that dates back to the sixteenth century. Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti, tireless in research and experimentation, have given new life to this ancient technique thanks to an original mixture with toreutics and the application of new materials, which have enormously enriched the color variations and above all made it more durable. and durable texture. This has allowed new unexpected uses, first of all the wall covering. A revolutionary artifact that for its ductility, versatility, malleability allows infinite variations and that surpasses the classic covering materials such as tiles or majolica, more noble marbles, elaborate mosaics or more modern cements and resins. A new life, therefore, to a texture that looks to become the protagonist of new trends in the world of interior design for the years to come.

The theme proposed for this edition of Fuorisalone and Brera Design District, “Between Space and Time”, is intended as a food for thought and a stimulus for those taking part in the event. Space and time express two variables that are useful for evaluating our impact on the planet and planning concrete decisions and actions to plan change.

The role of the designer today is to help us with his visions to grasp the complexity of reality, in all its nuances, drawing maps to move around the world and understand it.

Even outside, therefore, Alberto Corda Atelier, a space par excellence dedicated to relaxation and self-care, is transformed into the living room of the imagination, completely changing the functionality of a passageway into an intimate place for meeting and exchange that invites an ideal otium, where time flows unreal and suspended a stone's throw from the continuous motion of the city center.

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