Event 2022

Inspired in Barcelona: a gathering place

The Barcelona bar culture between food design and interior.

At Fuorisalone 2022, in the heart of the Brera Design District, is about to be inaugurated, "Inspired in Barcelona: a gathering place", travelling exhibition supported by the Government of Catalonia, Barcelona City Council and conceived by Barcelona centre de Disseny, initiative that intends to promote Barcelona's creativity at an international level.


It will be possible to experience from an aperitif with Vermouth - the most popular drink on the streets of Barcelona – transformed into a cloud, to many other tastes of food design, samples of graphic design, illustration and, of course, interior design: for its third Milanese edition, "Inspired in Barcelona: a gathering place" opens to the public, introducing to Milan the bar culture of Barcelona, with its colors and vibrant energy, that during the Fuorisalone, from June 7 to 12, will bring an authentic change in the atmosphere of via Madonnina 12, in the center of Brera Design District.

In a sequence of secret spaces of different dimensions, converging around one of the most photographed courtyards of the old Milan, intertwine diverse design elements that make the Mediterranean city a place of great interaction and experimentation. To synergistically interpret and connect them will be the curatorial project of Martin Azúa, that will transmit the real soul of Barcelona and its values, result of a complex balance between tradition and innovation. Over thirty design companies are involved in this ambitious project, together with as many creatives and design studios, and fifteen food design realities, expressed in two macro-areas: "Inspiring tables", a space that aims to stimulate with concepts, gastronomic explorations and innovative interior projects revolving around the table, and "A gathering place", where with an informal and engaging mood, will alternate eight different bar, unique with their different personalities, furnishing and variety of products, providing a broad and playful vision of Barcelona's bar culture.

"Inspired in Barcelona: a gathering place" is supported by Government of Catalonia (ACCIÓ - Catalonia Trade & Investment) and Barcelona City Council (Department of Creative Industries of Barcelona City Council), conceived by Barcelona centre de Disseny, and sponsored by Kriscadecor. The art direction is entrusted to Iván Bravo and the motion graphic is instead curated by The Others.

Inspired in Barcelona: a gathering place

Drink partners: Cervezas Alhambra – www.cervezasalhambra.com ; El Bandarra – www.elbandarra.com

Edible cloud: VOM – www.edible-cloud.com

Curator and creative direction: Martín Azúa – www.martinazua.com

Art direction: Iván Bravo – www.ivanbravo.com

Main sponsor: Kriskadecor – www.kriskadecor.com

Motion graphic: The Others – www.theothers.tv



Video Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DfvCVKfk_A

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Sito Web: www.inspiredinbarcelona.com

Email: inspiredinbarcelona@bcd.es


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