Event 2022

VittEr® Theater: sustainability and color

VittEr® by Filippi 1971: Cyclades Blue, the new "full color"

VittEr® by Filippi 1971: the “full color” material stages the new Cyclades Blue 

Fuorisalone, Brera Design District


VittEr®, the new generation, environmental-friendly laminate conceived by Filippi 1971, today a symbol of the company vision and starting point of numerous projects, takes part, for the first time, at the Fuorisalone in the Brera Design District, staging its innovative features and introducing the new Cyclades Blue color.

For its debut at the Design Week, VittEr® will be presented in the heart of Brera in one of the most prestigious locations in the neighborhood: San Simpliciano Space, on the corner between via San Simpliciano and Piazza Paolo VI. Eight large and bright shop windows, the pedestal of the rigorous and well-known rationalist building designed between the years '64 and '66 by the architect Luigi Vietti, invite you to enter the VittEr® "theater", curated by the architects Baldessari and Baldessari.

The setting plays on a sort of two-faced stage: open to the city, through the proscenium of the shop windows, and its mirror facing the internal audience.

Here 10 "actors" enter the scene: it's the 10 colors in which VittEr® is proposed, including the new Blue Cyclades, intense and unique in its suggestion, which is set in a catwalk where all the other 9 colors come alive too, in a bright example of its being "full color": each layer that composes it is in fact colored and can be customized with multiple nuances in the body thickness, for a result which recalls the solid materials.

The space is therefore theatrical through chromatic contrasts played on shades of blue and green, colors traditionally associated with nature, to recall the sustainability of VittEr®: compact multilayer with zero formaldehyde emissions, completely recyclable and renewable, produced with cellulose-based papers from FSC®-certified supply chain, without resins, additional glues nor plastic derivatives.

The setting is thus conceived as a stagy composition that develops horizontally and vertically, giving three-dimensionality to the material and enhancing its numerous characteristics and the many possibilities of processing, both flat and curved.

Space therefore for color and innovation coming from certified Italian quality, also designed for the world of furniture in domestic applications, from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the living room to the outdoor, as well as in public spaces, work and recreational environments.



Event name: VittEr® Theater: sustainability and color

Location: San Simpliciano Space - San Simpliciano 6, Milan

Dates: June 6-12, 2022

Hours: from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Press preview: 6 June, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Cocktail evening: Tuesday 7th June, from 6:00 pm to 9.30 pm

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Sito Web: https://www.filippi1971.com/prodotti-filippi-1971/vitter/

Email: francesca.filippi@filippi1971.com


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