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On display at Brera "Saturno": device for the disinfection and inactivation of pathogens in indoor environments born from the encounter between cutting-edge technology and sustainable design patented by INAF and NVK Design

"Saturno" is an elegant system designed to sanitisize the air in any room using Uv-C lamps without external air Exchange and in the presence of people. Using our patented technology, this prototype is on permanent display in the Brera Palace, at the entrance to the Brera Astronomical Museum (first floor), which is part of the Brera Astronomical Observatory.

You can visit Saturno free of charge.

Saturno was presented in Milan, during the first edition of the SAFETY WEEK 2022 (26 - 27 - 28 - 30 APRIL 2022): desired by the City Councillor and Councillor Delegate to the Metropolitan City Beatrice Uguccioni and promoted together with the Municipality of Milan and the Metropolitan City of Milan, whose main objective was the promotion of a culture of safety for everyone, at all scales, from safeguarding the planet, to the regeneration of the city, to construction sites 4.0. In the rich carnet of appointments with a focus on the Universe and the technology to safeguard the planet and its inhabitants, in front of a parterre of institutions, politicians, schools, scientists, trade unions, entrepreneurial associations, the third sector, young people and professionals, this new high-tech device for air disinfection and inactivation of SARS-Cov-2 was presented.

Saturno, designed and patented by the National Institute of Astrophysics together with Natasha Calandrino Van Kleef, architect and owner of NVK Design (www.nvkdesign.it), researcher and designer - former creator and promoter of Contagio Congresso (http://www.contagio.online) - together with researcher Andrea Bianco, professor at the Milan Polytechnic, and Dr. Giovanni Pareschi, INAF Research Manager.

The device, 100% effective in inactivating pathogens, has the mission of safely sanitising the air in public spaces such as schools, hospitals, offices, but also in the everyday life of our homes. Saturno's imprinting is technological, the application of the most sophisticated and innovative disinfection systems applied to avant-garde materials with a "reflective" internal coating, are seen applied to a design object, a plug&play lamp, consisting of two radial fans and Uv-C lamps capable of treating large volumes of air efficiently, with low consumption and in complete safety.

The lamp presented is a promise of a better future. Today, Saturno is available for industrialisation with low-cost materials readily available on the market. In its current configuration, the Saturno prototype occupies the space of a floor lamp on four wheels with a height of approximately 2.4 m; the overall dimensions and weight of the final product will be adapted and scaled according to the size of the rooms to be sanitised.

NVK Design and INAF have designed a functional object that will effectively improve the environmental conditions of our existence. A project, Italian pride, that is now open to the search for sponsors and far-sighted investors to commercialise it, making large-scale production possible.

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Entry rules

Permanent exhibition in the Palazzo di Brera, at the ENTRANCE of the Brera Astronomical Museum (FIRST FLOOR), part of the Brera Astronomical Observatory.


Free Admission from Monday to Sunday 09.00 - 18.00  - access to the Brera Astronomical Museum for a fee

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