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MATTER by Norwegian Presence

Matter by Norwegian Presence

Matter by Norwegian Presence is a celebration of materiality and ingenuity featuring some of the most exciting designers and progressive manufacturers working in Norway today.

Held in the spectacular setting of Galleria Milano and curated by Kråkvik & D’Orazio, Matter by Norwegian Presence brings together products from leading design talents and the country’s most respected manufacturers. The exhibition showcases and celebrates the material honesty, sustainable practices, solution-oriented thinking, and nature-inspired aesthetic that define Norwegian design today. 

Examining Norway’s access and approach to natural resources, Matter by Norwegian Presence features a Material Lab  – a special exhibit that chronicles the transition from raw material to finished product, demonstrating how a material’s inherent natural visual and textural characteristics are expressed in the final design.

Norway’s natural resources and challenging landscapes have played an instrumental role in the evolution of the country’s culture of making, nurturing deep appreciation for materials, as well as a talent for problem-solving and innovation.

Exhibition visitors will be met with an island of aluminum podiums showcasing a beautiful and unexpected array of furniture, lighting and sculptural objects. From benches built from corrugated construction aluminum or chainsaw-carved ash, through to tables made from flame-blackened wood from fallen trees and what could be the world’s first carbon-negative chair, Matter by Norwegian Presence promises an extraordinary meeting of materials and ideas.

Diverse in inspiration, approach, and output, the featured designers are all, in one way or another, exploring new materials for the good of the planet. For some, that means finding new applications for Norway’s natural materials such as wood, wool, stone and aluminum; for others, it means tapping into waste streams to create new products from what would otherwise be discarded.



Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik (GU)






Nedre Foss




Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng 

Brave New Lines 

Edvin Klasson

Hallgeir Homstvedt

Henrik Ødegaard

Julia K. Persson

Nebil Zaman

Pettersen & Hein

Poppy Lawman

Tron Meyer

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