Brands Fjordfiesta

With an ambition to manage, develop and reconnect with Scandinavian design heritage, architect Pål Lunder founded Fjordfiesta in 2001. Rooted in the aesthetics of Scandinavian design history and driven to tackle the ethical and environmental challenges of the modern day, Fjordfiesta produces timeless furniture engineered to last for generations to come. The company aims to represent, promote and progress Norwegian design culture through innovative design collaborations.

At Norwegian Presence, Fjordfiesta will showcase the armchairs Scandia Senior Vipp and Scandia Nett designed by Hans Brattrud. They will also be exhibiting Tron Meyer’s Cyclop Stool – first presented at last year’s exhibition – and a prototype of a new armchair in the Rastad & Rellings Bambi family. The relaunch is a collaborative project with UTOPIA Retro Modern.