Event 2022

Prada Frames

A multidisciplinary symposium curated by Formafantasma that investigates the relationship between natural environment and design, from 6 to 8 June.

From 6 to 8 June, in the spaces of the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense of Milan, the first edition of Prada Frames: a symposium that starts from the ecosystem of the forest and analyzes the logic that govern the wood industry today to extend the reflection to the role of design and science as agents that change. There will be two sessions a day including lectures, debates, conversations and video projections with the involvement of di Amitav Ghosh, Eyal Weizman, Anna Tsing and the Feral Atlas, Paola Antonelli, Alice Rawsthorn, Paulo Tavares, Andrés Jaque e Valerie Trouet.


Sessione 1 CONTEXTUALIZING: introduces the complexity of the forest as a living being and as the cinematic medium is a tool for understanding plants as sentient. The session also highlights how architecture can be a forensic tool.
Sophie Chao, Teresa Castro, Eyal Weizman Con Rebecca Lewin.

Sessione 2 NARRATING: presents a historical overview of the relationship between man, forest and timber, introducing local models of production and management of resources. The session closes with a reflection on possible systems of narration of the climate crisis.
Dan Handel, Paola Antonelli e Marianne Goebl con Formafantasma, Amitav Ghosh con Elvira Dyangani Ose.

Sessione 3 DESIGNING: presents a selection of works by architects, curators and design students, which embrace an expansive vision of design useful to redefine the relationship between materials and ecosystems.
Andrés Jaque, Studenti Geodesign (Ayla Kekhia, Connor Cook, Yassine Ben Abdallah), Rotor, Paola Antonelli e Alice Rawsthorn con Formafantasma.

Sessione 4 SENSING: explore different systems of perception and understanding of the forest through the use of smell, sound and anatomy of wood. The complexity of designing habitats for other species is also discussed.
Sissel Tolaas e David Monacchi con Beatrice Leanza, Valerie Trouet, Gerald Koch con Formafantasma, Daisy Ginsberg con Alice Rawsthorn.

Session 5 GOVERNING: deals with the concepts of 'carbon storage', 'carbon offsetting', the governance of natural ecosystems and the political forces that regulate them.
Stefano Boeri, Philipp Pattberg e Niklas Kaskeala con Formafantasma, Paulo Tavares con Beatrice Leanza.

Session 6 INHABITING: introduces the idea of the forest as a refuge and extraction site, including the indigenous perspective and the multiple ways of narrating the relationships between the species.
Ursula Biemann, Cave Bureau, Ewerk Luckenwalde, Anna Tsing e Feifei Zhou con Aric Chen.


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