Event 2022

Timeless Renewal

Frette x NABA present one-of-a-kind upcycled objet.

Luxury Lifestyle brand Frette presents a collection of unique upcycled objects created in collaboration with the talented students of NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti’s Design Area. Giving new life to the brand’s remnant textiles, the 2022 Fuorisalone installation is a celebration of the brand’s values, including craftsmanship and design, with special attention on future innovation thanks to the next generation of talent. The series of decorative items speaks to the timeless nature of Frette linens and represent the brand’s preliminary steps toward a sustainable future.

To lay foundation for the collaboration between the brand and the Milanese University, a select group of students from NABA Design Area, under the guidance of Claudio Larcher, NABA Design Area leader, were presented with the opportunity to explore Frette’s archives of unused fabrics and then challenged to create objects for the home using those materials left out of productive use. Shining light on the agility and breadth of Frette’s offering beyond its iconic bed linens, students drew from the Italian brand’s spirit of creativity and innovation to bring to life one-of-a-kind objects to live beyond the bedroom. From a light fixture and bookshelf, to sound absorbing panels and a children’s play tent, the final objects introduce the sensibilities of Frette design throughout the home, sometimes with delightfully unexpected results.

While paying homage to Frette’s past, the 2022 installation for Fuorisalone looks also toward the future. Aligning with the central themes of Salone - quality, beauty, innovation and last but not least, sustainability - Frette is working to integrate attention to the environment into its design processes. With a heritage defined by innovation, the natural next step is a thoughtful one, applying the same spirit not only to the brand’s designs and library of creations, but also to the manufacturing processes that bring them to life – always keeping the high standards of quality and refinement that make Frette famous worldwide. With sights set on a long-term journey to environmental preservation, the Fuorisalone 2022 installation of upcycled objects represents one of the brand’s first steps toward weaving sustainability into its storied legacy.

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