Event 2022

Art back Home

When design meets art

Named Art Back Home, this is the project with which Icon’s Design Milano begins an adventure unique of its kind, where design meets art and the works of artist Paolo De Biasi are transposed onto pieces of furniture. The innovative element of this initiative lies in the way the artist’s paintings are transferred to the two items involved, a sideboard and a pantry.  It is not a matter of replication by means of a print on the piece in question, but a process of collocation that gives the sensation caused by the work of art a new slant.


To achieve this new balance in which design merges with art, constant dialogue took place between the company and the artist, based on three principles that have characterised all the stages of this adventure: listening, respect and curiosity. In this way, the two worlds of art and design have been brought together; on the one hand the painting, and on the other the piece of furniture, have been taken beyond the areas normally assigned to them.  This approach has enabled the artist to take his works outside the exhibition and gallery circuit and the company to think outside the physical space of furniture showrooms.  However, that’s not all, because Art Back Home has resolved to take a real work of art into people’s homes, by means of two furniture items that make accessible what would normally not be possible for many should they wish to purchase the works of certain artists.  


“This is a unique adventure, intrinsic in the DNA of a company that has always had a natural predisposition for art and the emotions it can arouse” comments Massimo Tognon, CEO of Icon’s Design Milano, who concludes: “We are only at the beginning of this journey into emotions, the aim of which is to deconstruct and transfer the uniqueness of a work of art onto an equally unique piece of furniture.  The sensitivity of Paolo De Biasi will be followed by Fulvia Mendini and Vanni Cuoghi, and then who knows how many other splendid opportunities will be created”.

The project will be presented during the Milan Salone del Mobile with a special event on 8 June at 8.00 p.m. in the Devina Nais | Icon’s Flag area in Viale Piave 1. On the same evening, which will be attended by the artist Paolo De Biasi and art curator Ivan Quaroni, we will reveal the second work of art to be transposed by Icon’s Design Milano onto a collection of forty numbered sideboards and pantries. The event will also be an appeal to support ‘Save The Children’ by making voluntary donations throughout the evening and by auctioning the special edition sideboard TUTT’ALTRO ANCORA Art Back Home, made unique by a small detail, exceptionally painted on it by the artist De Biasi.


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